Big Sky Country

A few Hipstamatic images (iPhone version) from the wilds of Montana. What a place…“Big Sky” is the definitely the best way to describe the scenery, and now I fully appreciate their tourism tagline “There’s Nothing Here.” We were southwest of Bozeman in the Madison River Valley and the closest store/establishment was a good 45 minutes away….a long drive for milk, bread and beer.

While the heights of Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho are impressive, Montana’s sense of space is unmatched. The peaks and valleys in Colorado almost seem claustrophobic by comparison, as Montana’s are laid out in wide-open, repeating patterns. Makes you feel real small in a real good way. The weather is equally impressive with a year’s worth of seasons packed into each day. You slide through a cool morning, warming sun, passing rain, marble-sized hail, warm sun again, a great sunset and then another cold shot in the evening. Throw in a long list of outdoor activities….hiking, fly fishing, biking, climbing, canoeing/kayaking and running from bears….and you’ve got a place where you can leave the rat race behind and get in touch with your wild side.