The art of an icon

So I have a bad habit (great obsession) with finding and documenting my everyday run-ins with random icons/logos. I love getting immersed in clever branding or simple solutions that can have big impact. Branding has become one of my leading focuses as a designer. I believe that branding is one of the most important parts of any idea whether that is in a product or a website. Branding begins with meaning, and once you can portray that meaning into a mark, your brand becomes identifiable in any language. With that in mind, here are a few of my recent findings — and even a few that I’ve enjoyed making.


Milwaukee Brewers logo


by George Bokhua

Open Outdoors logo
This is something that I did a little while ago. I like to always push a concept to its max, whether that is having multiple hidden images/meaning or being able to simplify an object to its truest characteristics.
 Rolloe logo by Dalibor Momcilovic
Design Period logo
Another fun project that I’ve done. I try to stay active as much as I can when it comes to designing these things. So whether you have a project to work on or not. Just make one up and have fun with it.
M.Sound logo by Vitaly Laevsky