AMA Multimedia Panel


That’s Chris soaking up knowledge from the GoToTeam’s Patrick Bryant during last week’s AMA luncheon panel on multimedia. Chris and I moderated the panel, while Patrick and Tim McManus from PDA Video shared their experiences and thoughts on video production and distribution. Thanks to AMA for putting it all on. Here were some key themes…

Content Development – Brands are developing more and more content (video, interactive, photo, stories, etc.) today to tell their story/stories, and distributing it through online channels. The production model is moving away from large, annual tv production efforts to more frequent and ongoing video-based storytelling.

Distribution – There are endless opportunities for distributing multimedia content through non-traditional, and often free, channels. Websites, YouTube/Vimeo, mobile, email, social, etc. are all efficient platforms for sharing your experiences.

Media $$ Shift – Brands continue to pull back on paid media as they turn to “free” distributed channels (see above). Many are shifting budgets…moving media dollars to content development efforts to cover the costs of producing branded videos, photography, copy, etc.

Monetize Your Content – Tim gave some great examples of how you can drive revenue from your content efforts…by leveraging content sponsorships, advertising opportunities, subscription services, and self publishing services like Amazon’s CreateSpace.