Addicted to the Interweb?


A recent Stanford University School of Medicine study found that more than one out of eight Americans exhibit at least one possible sign of problematic Internet use. The findings are consistent with results from other studies that found a significant number of the population could be suffering from some form of Internet addiction.

According to the research, the typical affected individual is a single, college-educated, white male in his 30s, who spends approximately 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use. Hmmmm.

Random findings include:

13.7 percent (more than one out of eight respondents) found it hard to stay away from the Internet for several days at a time.

12.4 percent stayed online longer than intended very often or often.

12.3 percent had seen a need to cut back on Internet use at some point.

8.7 percent attempted to conceal non-essential Internet use from family, friends and employers.

8.2 percent used the Internet as a way to escape problems or relieve negative mood.

5.9 percent felt their relationships suffered as a result of excessive Internet use.

Well, that pretty much describes most of the people you know. Pretty comforting, actually.

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