A weekend in Raleigh

I’ve always been really into going to concerts. I’ve grown up seeing live performances and driving long distances just to catch a glimpse of my favorite bands. So I thought I would share my most recent trip that my girlfriend and I took to Raleigh, NC to see one of our favorite bands that she recently introduced me to, Alt-J (most popular song: Left Hand Free). The show was incredible, the band sounded awesome, and the venue was just as cool. This was my first time going to Red Hat amphitheater, which is right in the middle of the city. This location made for some ridiculous sounds that echoed off the surrounding skyscrapers and through the city. They played a great show that lasted through the night under a full moon. The $12 drinks weren’t as cool, but we had a blast. The following day was filled with cool museums and dinosaur exhibits as we explored the city. Not to mention the discovery of what may be the largest acorn ever…

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Here’s a video of the song: Breezeblocks

My favorite song

Video Apr 03, 10 28 19 PM