301Beef Kings (and Queens)

On a bright November morning in 2014, I woke up with a hangover unlike any other. It was the day after I had impulsively adopted a dog at the Charleston Animal Society’s annual chili cook-off and said dog was now staring expectantly into my eyes.

Wake up, something depends on you now.

I named her Georgia after Georgia O’Keeffe (turns out they don’t have much in common), dressed her in a yellow bandana, and she promptly made herself at home. I bought her some dog treats and a dog bed but quickly realized she prefers the human version of these things. Over the first few months of our relationship, she helped herself to countless shoes, my favorite pair of jeans, underwear, an expensive sweater, Chinese take-out (on two different occasions), and a Turkish rug. But I could never stay angry for long, she’s just too darn cute. And while I can’t say becoming a dog mom was the most responsible decision I’ve made, it was definitely the least regrettable morning after experience I’ve had.

At Blue Ion, we all share a love for our four-legged pals and that’s why we participate in the chili cook-off where all proceeds go to the Charleston Animal Society’s medical fund and chili lovers can find their better, furrier half. This year’s event is November 19th and if you’d like to join the Blue Ion team – 301Beef Kings – you can do that HERE!

In preparation – and excitement – for the big event, I collaborated with our designer/illustrator Tyler Pate to make this little Georgia animation. We hope to see you there!

See the Pen Georgia by Blue Ion (@blueion) on CodePen.