10 Years of Technekes

We’re excited about the launch of this new site for Technekes…an awesome marketing company headquartered in Charlotte. They are in the demand creation business. The missing cog that bridges the gap between marketing and sales to efficiently bring buyers and sellers together. A direct marketing team that offers a brew of data mastery, marketing know-how and attentive service.

Every time I talk to one of the Technekes crew I learn something new…about closing the loop, about marketing and sales applications, about running a sound/smart business, about getting new building projects delivered right on time. This website launch represents an initial step to celebrate their HQ move and 10-year anniversary….look for new things in the coming weeks as the story deepens.

The project has been made all the better by a collaborative effort between Technekes, Hook, Blue Ion and Lunch & Recess. I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t mean to sound overly schmaltzy, but there’s nothing like the combo of great people, great product (or in this case, great service), and great collaboration. When it all comes together like that it’s truly a beautiful thing.

To Scott, Steve, Jack and Preston and the rest…thanks for making this a reality. Our sincerest congrats for starting and growing such a cool company.