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Overcoming Obstacles

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Case Study:

Overcoming Obstacles

We were introduced to Overcoming Obstacles in 2014, and the more we learned about the nonprofit, the more we wanted to help. With hundreds of easy-to-teach, activity-based lessons, Overcoming Obstacles was on a mission to change young lives by providing educators with a free curriculum to teach children in elementary, middle and high school essential life skills like how to communicate effectively, set and achieve goals, resolve conflicts, respect one another and more—and we wanted to be a part of that change.

Feeling inspired, we got to work helping Overcoming Obstacles tell their story through a new website, brand writing and advertising campaigns, because we knew the easier educators could find and download the content, the more students would be exposed to these critical life skills. Since then, we’ve seen Overcoming Obstacles grow to accommodate educators and children across the globe—from reaching 150 countries to translating into 20 different languages, they have taught over 180,000 educators to date, reaching more than 40 million young people worldwide. But still, their mission grows.

With more people using their curriculum now than ever before, our partnership continues to evolve. From developing a user-friendly mobile app to exploring new and different ways to allow educators to customize their content, we’re on a mission of our own now—and that’s ensuring that no obstacle to this life-changing nonprofit’s growth is too large to overcome.

In A Nutshell:


  • Analytics, Measurement & Tracking
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Writing
  • CMS Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Interactive Design & UX
  • Paid Display
  • Website Development