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Coastal Conservation League

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Case Study:

Coastal Conservation League

While the Coastal Conservation League has been a staple in the community for decades, their work, just like our environment, is evolving — and they needed a way to communicate that. As they approached their 30 year anniversary, as well as transitioned to a new Executive Director, the Conservation League knew they were at a critical juncture in the organization’s history—and we knew that it was the perfect moment to make an impact.

To build an evolved strategy and brand presentation, we started by taking a detailed look at the role the Conservation League plays in our community, both as a defender of our coastal environment as well as a champion of all the people who rely on it. What we really saw, however, was that the Conservation League mirrored our Lowcountry landscape in more ways than one.

Like the way our creeks weave together or the roots of a live oak twist into one, we found that the Conservation League not only interconnects within the community, but that community becomes stronger at those very points of connection. The future is ultimately about community collaboration. About the unique roles we must all play to exist together, as one. Together changes everything.

The end result was a new branding, messaging and marketing foundation to help the Conservation League and the community approach the next thirty years as a united front, working together towards a common goal.

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Together Changes Everything

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