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Case Study:


When we were connected with the crew at Bubba to help bring their vision of a print magazine to life, we couldn’t wait to dive in. After all, we know that Bubba is so much more than tools and gear – they’re a lifestyle, an ideal. An authentic and badass brand that encourages everyone to live on the edge of adventure and go where the water takes you.

Thus, BOUNDLESS was born.

We started by envisioning the look and feel of the BOUNDLESS magazine, pushing the envelope and perfecting everything from the table of contents down to the paper stock. Once we had our vision in mind, we got to work. Our writers and designers created most of the magazine in-house, from writing product copy and editorials to designing the masthead, cover, table of contents, and spreads. From there, we connected Bubba with a talented team of travel and outdoor freelancers and oversaw the creation of the rest of the copy, filling the pages with everything from feature articles to recipes and more. The end result was a 52-page high-quality print magazine that brings the Bubba brand to life through intriguing stories and high-end photography from ambassadors around the world.

In A Nutshell:

BOUNDLESS: The Ultimate Magazine for Living Life without Bounds

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Writing
  • Identity Development
  • Illustration
  • Print Design & Collateral