What a Year in Blogging Looks Like

Practice what you preach, right? We believe so, but when it came to our blog, we found ourselves preaching a bit more than practicing. When you are busy, it seems that the first thing to get pushed to the bottom of the list is that blog post you’ve been meaning to write for the past week, month or in many cases year. Things are no different here at Blue Ion, and as a result, our “postings” were suffering. This is no bueno as we believe a blog is a reflection of you and your company’s expertise & culture. Your not saying much when you haven’t said much… you know what I’m saying.

We decided to change this and hold ourselves more accountable in 2014. To start the year, we put together a content/publishing calendar so that each employee knew what day they had to post on. You had to post once a month (12 posts a year… not bad) and it didn’t matter what you posted, you just had to get something up there. Naturally, the majority of posts are work related (expertise), but the ones that aren’t I like the most because they touch on the culture aspect.

Being a data guy, I wanted to dig into our Analytics and pull out some stats comparing 2014 to 2013. Here we go…


  • 23% increase in number of posts


  • 13% increase in Visits
  • 18% increase in New Visitors
  • 31% increase in Referral Traffic
  • 23% increase in Organic Traffic
  • 24% increase in Social Traffic


  • 13% decrease in bounce rate
  • 17% increase in Pages per Session
  • 20% increase in Average Session Duration
  • 32% increase in Pageviews

… pretty good year. Let us know if you need help cranking out some content!