Wood tops Campbell with a 42 to win Lunch

Patriots Point Links – The weather held off after two days of rain for the creative department +1 DM to hit the links for a friendly competition of hitting the small ball. What started as a friendly game of golf quickly turned to a battle between two of the creative department team’s members. Starting off strong, with a bogey, par, birdie, Josh Campbell found his focus and was playing well, especially since he hasn’t been seen on tour for over a year. The seasoned veteran David Wood started out consistently as well playing his fade well and putting when it counted.

Campbell was paired up with Blue Ion’s flash guru, Craig Anthony who started strong but due to his John Daly antics, lost focus and the ability to hit the small ball straight. *Cheers*

Wood was paired up with Blue Ion’s DM Christopher Simpson. With his natural athletic ability, Simpson was able to make those first few golf shots we all have had that makes you wanting more, thus causing you to burn hundereds of dollars on golf equipment and green fees.

It was on the 5th hole however when the competition got hot, when Wood and Campbell realized they were tied going into the 6th. Lunch was then wagered and battle had begun.

So far, so good. And so much golf left to be played.The 6th hole went tied and on the seventh, Wood’s experience struck first making par while Campbell’s inability to escape a mud trap left him with bogey. Still feeling confident, Campbell entered the 8th hole leaving the bogey behind with hopes to catch Wood. The chances for Wood to hit one of his famous arrant shots was high, but Campbell found yet another mud trap and it prooved to be the nail in the coffin. Shooting a respectable 48 for his second round of golf this year wasn’t near enough to challenge Wood’s 42. Wood had won his lunch at Santis as well as bragging right untill the next time these two find each other head to head on the links.