Wood Expeditions

In late May, I had the sad distinction of helping a long-time friend move from Charleston to upstate New York. But this wasn’t just any move – this move involved picking up an entire woodworking shop (including the wood) – along with two cats, a dog, a fiancé, a friend, and a car.

You may know Mike Moran for his amazing furniture, beard, DJ skills, and general mountain man vibe. Since we met on the CofC soccer team, we’ve shared a love of breakdancing, he was in my wedding, and I’ve watched him go from apprentice lion furniture maker to doing installations at the Halsey and creating gorgeous commission pieces. But the time came for him to move on to bigger and better things. The least I could do was join in for an epic trip. After I tricked convinced my wife into letting me go, of course.

Stylin’ at a Blue Ion Christmas party circa 2006.

I’ve never driven a truck so large before, and while the scenery was beautiful, it was white-knuckle driving the whole way. Especially when it started dumping rain. And you never really notice big rigs until you ARE a big rig. And the drive was pretty serious – 13h+ with a stop in Virginia overnight.


The trip started out pretty poorly. I gauged my leg taking a bed apart. Patched it up with some napkins and tape.


Congrats to Mike on his big move, and hopefully we can make it back up there to help build the new shop.

Pics, driving, and skate tricks courtesy of Connor Lock. Check out some more of his riding here.