New Branding For Lowcountry Land Trust

Last month we joined our friends at the Lowcountry Land Trust to celebrate the launch of their new brand identity system. On November 10th they threw a brand launch party at Founders Hall at Charles Towne Landing, and then followed up the next day with the inaugural Flourish conservation event (an important part of the overall Land Trust branding effort). We couldn’t be more excited about the outcome of this partnership, and nothing makes us happier than working on a challenging assignment, with fun people, for a great cause.

The rebranding effort was initiated by a long-term strategic planning process that called for the Trust to engage in bigger, broader, more collaborative, more impactful conservation work in the Lowcountry region. For 30+ years the Trust had been “quietly” working with private landowners and public authorities to protect and conserve the land we love. But with all the growth this part of the country is experiencing, it was time to broaden their efforts and collaborate with even more community partners (large and small business, other non profits, etc.) to ensure we grow in the right ways and places. At the same time, we had an opportunity to shorten the organization’s name from Lowcountry Open Land Trust….so the moment was right to dial in the brand for the years to come.

The key insight and overall premise can be summed up in a word…TRUST. All of their conservation work depends upon trust…it’s what they do (trust as an instrument), how they do it (relationships), and why they do it (for current and future generations). Their brand of conservation is about collaboration, participants working together on shared goals, conversations and relationships rooted in respect, and an approach where all parties ultimately flourish.

All of this is best shared through the following brand launch video…beautifully produced by Kevin Jurgens (video/editing), Elizabeth Brown and Katherine Kelly (production, Land Trust team), Jenny Badman (story), Tyler Pate (identity) and Conrad Zimmerman (great voice over, board member).

Included in the branding efforts were reasearch/planning, a new core brand identity, the brand story and theme, and a sub-brand system that stretches to various programs and initiatives….including The Angel Oak Effect (a community project that has saved an icon and sparked an ongoing collaboration), Flourish (a conservation event for the business community), and Soul of the Lowcountry (a program for next gen conservationists).





LLT launch

We’re pumped about this new identity for our friends at the Lowcountry Land Trust. They are a talented and passionate group of professionals working to preserve a natural legacy to pass on to future generations. And we’re proud to play a small part in the important work they do. Congrats to Jenny B. on the writing, Tyler P. on all the identity designs, Ansley J. on programming, Lauren S. and David W….and the Land Trust team. We’ll be back with news of a new website and other fun items to come…