Welcome Krista Engler

We’re thrilled to welcome (back) Art Director, Krista Engler, to the Blue Ion team. Krista first appeared in our lives a few years back as a freelance designer. Her design skills, aesthetic, work ethic, and energy impressed us then, and we’re grateful that the planets aligned for us to work together again. We invite you to get to know Krista in the hard-hitting investigative report below. Cheers, Krista! Can’t wait for all of the fun to come.

I’m from a small coastal North Carolina town called Hertford. It’s in Perquimans County which is a Yeopim Indian word that translates to “Land of Beautiful Women.”

I have two corgis named Mika and Mack and a cat who really only responds to “Kitty.” I also had two snails named Guy and Frank but they recently left for Valhalla.


Favorite outdoor pursuit:
Camping, hiking, swimming—any day that includes all three is a good day.


Favorite movie:
The House on Haunted Hill (1959 original with Vincent Price, of course).

Favorite indoor pursuit:
My 2019 goal was to read more, so far this year I’ve read 20 books! I’m also a big video game nerd, I have almost every console from NES/Genesis onward all in playable condition and I rotate them out regularly.

Favorite time of day:
Golden hour.

Favorite Charleston area restaurant?
Husk bar! This is my second year being a vegetarian and I still dream of that burger.

You can only use one font for the rest of eternity. Which do you choose?

What three words would your family/friends use to describe you?
I enlisted the help of my partner Chris to answer these for me! He said: Animal lover, sensitive, and vibrant.

What’s always in your refrigerator?
A variety of different beers from past bonfire hangouts.

Would Spielberg, Tarantino, Hitchcock, or Scorsese direct a movie on your life?
Hitchcock, solely based on aesthetics.


When you’re having a bad day, what makes it better?
Silly playlists full of Backstreet Boys and Lizzo

What celebrity parents do you wish you had?
Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire! Hook! I’m crying already!) and Angelina Jolie (So inspired by all her humanitarian efforts and how she manages to balance that with a career and being a mom).

What sound or noise do you love?
Hard rain on a tin roof.

First concert:
Pedro the Lion

Most recent concert:


Preferred design medium:
iPad Pro with Apple Pencil! Procreate is an amazing sketching app that I love—there are so many great brushes you can download to use and I love being able to use less paper too.

If you weren’t an Art Director, you’d be?
Running an animal rescue for senior dogs.