We really enjoyed getting to update the Charleston Wedding Guide brand recently. This one was particularly enjoyable because, well, weddings are always so lovely, and also because I got to be designer whilst also being their target audience!

We started with their band / identity design, which helped inform how the rest of the efforts shaped up. I wanted to infuse a little modernity into the logo/mark whilst still maintaining the elegance and charm of Charleston.

The site went through a complete rebuild and restructure. We started with card sorting, information architecture models and wireframes. That set the stage for how the design and theme outlined in early style tiles got applied to the structure. The site is built to be responsive – so it’s viewable across all mobile platforms – and the site is built almost entirely around a CMS database which also presented some design challenges.

The overall result, we believe, is a lovely, romantic, clean and elegant resource for brides-to-be to find all they need to have their dream wedding here in Charleston!

Enjoy: www.charlestonweddingguide.com