Weathering the Storm

Hurricane Matthew came blowing through last weekend. It left our office and homes mostly untouched. Here’s the rundown on a few of our stories.

Hailey: I “evacuated” to New York City. Some trees were down by the house and got I power back on Sunday night.

Erin: I evacuated to Columbia, SC. I’ve got water damage from ceiling & windows. Power was out but is back on – still waiting on internet because Comcast blows.

Chris: I headed to Columbia, included a Zoo trip with Nic! Power is on but tree branches are everywhere.

Lauren: I didn’t evacuate. There were big limbs and debris in my yard but no damage. Power was out Saturday 7am – Monday 5pm.

Nic: I evacuated to Greenville. The hotel room sucked so bad we had to cancel reservations, was homeless for a bit, then finally found another hotel room in Columbia. Two of our large trees fell on my neighbors cars. We have power.

Ellen: I reverse evacuated to my brother’s house in Orlando. There was lots of rain and power went out Friday morning through Saturday afternoon.

Woody: I went to Greenville. We had a transformer blow and it caught a tree in my front yard on fire. Power went off so I had warm beer upon my return.

Dan: I made the 6 hour drive to Tyron, NC (usually takes 3 hours). I explored the Blue Ridge Mountains a bit and the power came back on Monday morning.

Brian: I spent a full day putting up storm shutters and went to Clemson to celebrate my in-law’s birthdays. There was no damage to the house but we were without power until midday Tuesday.