Reconnecting People and the Alabama Wild with Marianne Hudson of Russell Lands

On this episode of The Way Out There we hang out with Marianne Hudson, a naturalist and wildlife educator at Russell Lands on Lake Martin in central Alabama. Marianne is a lifelong student of nature and an avid outdoorsman with years of experience using forests as classrooms.

Since graduating as a Wildlife Biologist from the University of Maryland in Baltimore County in 1997, Marianne has spent most of her personal and professional life in the woods. She introduces a variety of flora and fauna to visitors through guided nature tours of 25,000 acre Russell Forest and surrounding lands.

Marianne is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the State of Alabama to raise and release native wildlife. Marianne is also a raptor trainer and worked as a biologist and educator for Auburn University’s Southeastern Raptor Center as one of War Eagle’s trainers. She is a passionate falconer who also enjoys deer hunting and reading books on natural history. When not walking the 80 miles of beautiful trails in the Russell Forest, she’s enjoying them from horseback.

We visited with Marianne on site at Russell Lands to discuss her passion for the wild and her work as a guide and educator.

To learn more about Marianne Hudson and her nature tours at Russell Lands on Lake Martin, visit russelllands.com. Or, follow her on Instagram at her account @naturalistmarianne.

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Show Notes:
Guest – Marianne Hudson
Host – Robert Prioleau
Music / Audio Production – Nic Lauretano
Editing – Nic Lauretano
Design – Tyler Pate
Production – Kyle Mensing
Location – Russell Lands on Lake Martin, Alabama

Programming Note:
At the end of episode 2 (Zach Hall) we announced that episode 3 would feature Sara Clow of Growfood Carolina. Due to a recording glitch (rookie mistake by yours truly) we needed to re-record a portion of Sara’s episode, and thus are sharing Marianne’s interview first. Thanks for your patience while we figure out all the buttons.