Valentine’s Gram – A Gift That The Entire Office Can Enjoy

We had a special treat in the office today. Hailey received an unexpected visit to the office in the form of Charlie the Riverdog bearing Valentine’s Day gifts. Luckily Hailey’s bae is a man with a plan and tipped Bennett off on the plan so he could be ready with the camera when the time came – truly very ready as he later confirmed anxiety whenever Hailey wasn’t at her desk and when Charlie ran a few minutes behind schedule as even famous mascots have to find parking in downtown Charleston. Celebrities they’re just like us right? So kudos to JT and to Bennett for making Valentine’s Day fun for Hailey and of course for the entire office. Having never witnessed a Valentine’s Gram until today, I can now confirm they are as adorable/hilarious/embarrassing to watch as I always imagined. Only downside has been the letdown that every subsequent buzz to come up to the office today wasn’t also a mascot Valentine’s Gram.