Urbanized – by Gary Hustwit

I’m a big documentary fan and two of my favorite documentaries, Helvetica (2007) and Objectified (2009) by Gary Hustwit, is coming full circle with a third movie this year called Urbanized (post production – 2011).

Helvetica looked at the world of typography by showcasing Helvetica and the many applications and brands where Helvetica has been used. Objectified focused mostly on industrial and product design and how we interact with them. Urbanized will look at the design of cities and the strategies and ideas of urban design.

This trilogy will be packaged in a limited-edition box set which I’m definetly gonna try and get my hands on. The box set designs by Build look amazing! Check it out!

For more information and information on how to help Gary fund Urbanized, visit the Urbanized KickStarter page. I’m really looking forward to this third film and we will certainly have a BI movie night for this one!

Helvetica – (2007)

Objectified – (2009)