Two Big Yahoo! Product Announcements

A couple of neat product announcements from Yahoo! came out over the last couple of days.

First up is their “Open Search Platform,” which allows third parties (like Blue Ion, hopefully) to modify your search results listings by adding images, more links, and hopefully some sweet animated gifs.

Here’s one from Yelp!

And here’s one I did for Blue Ion.

Learn more about it at the Yahoo! Search blog or from TechCrunch.

Second is the launch of Yahoo! Buzz. Similar to Digg, the more votes you get, the higher your story, video, etc. will go.

Bonus: some of the most popular stories make it to Yahoo! home page! Supposedly they sent Wired 2 million visitors when that happened to one of their posts.

Check out Yahoo! Buzz here, and more analysis at TechCruch.