Too Sexy For My Fur

Working with furry talent can be difficult for many reasons, most stemming from the fact that they don’t speak English. But once they get the hang of it, OH Mylanta,  they work the catwalk almost as much as the photographer. Consider this is your guide to success for your furry (and human) talent…

1. Don’t skip the makeup trailer. (Yes, there is something in your beard. Get a mirror, jeez.)


2. No drooling. And keep your tongue in your mouth. (Celebrities, take note.)


3. Don’t let the other talent overshadow you.


4. Look straight into the camera.


5. No laying down on the job. (What did I say about that tongue?!)


6. Dress to impress. (Can’t emphasize this enough.)


7. Work it, work it. (Get it gurrrlllll)


8. Don’t give up until you have the perfect shot. (So we may have to Photoshop your tuxedo, but seriously…you look good.)



Editors Notes:
A. These are SOOC shots. That beard will be sparkling white soon…
B. These were taken for a friend’s wedding save the date in Rockville, South Carolina.