ThinkTEC Innovation Summit Presentation


Enjoyed sharing some thoughts on creative industries, innovation and economic development this morning at ThinkTEC’s Innovation Summit conference. While I was scheduled to be part of a panel discussion at 2 pm today…..this morning’s presentation was a last minute deal due to the unfortunate fact that the planned keynote speaker, Amy Holloway from Avalanche Consulting in Austin, got knocked down with the flu. There’s no replacing Amy, as she’s a expert in the field and one of the architects of Charleston’s regional growth plan (she’s authored plans for cities around the country). But with her and Steve Warner’s help from CRDA I pulled together enough material to share and keep the crowd awake (I think/hope).

Click here to download a PDF of the deck. The main theme? Charleston’s most important industry IS the creative industry.

Thanks to all at ThinkTEC and the attendees.