Theo’s Bimmer

I’ll never own a motorcycle. I know the silly things I did when I owned my Honda S2000, constantly driving it like it was stolen, taking turns way too fast and the annual trip to the Tail of Dragon to drive it like it was meant to be driven convinces me that I would kill myself on a bike. I love the look of the Harley V-Rods, old school Triumphs and recently Jake’s Harley Iron 883. The awe and desire ends there.

But then there is the BMW R75/5. In particular, Theo’s new ride, and it makes me question that doubt. I’m a Bimmer fan. I think everything about BMW’s design and technology is incredible. I have a laundry list of BMW’s that I want to own including a M3, Diesel X5 or the old school E21 3 series.

This has got the be one of the sexiest motorcycles I’ve seen in person. I’d risk life and limb to ride this bike around town for sure! And it’s at my speed. Not too fast, not too nimble, but the perfect amount of sportiness and design. His plans for a cafe race style bench seat will send it over the edge. Nice find Theo, nice find!


Have a gander at the photos or stop by the office where its usually parked by the front door.


Side note, it’s not confirmed, but could this possibly be rare footage of Theo driving to his flight lessons?