Sustainable Threads and Life on the Road with Drew Brooker from Toad & Co.

While grabbing a quick bite and some local brews one evening at Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery, I noticed a pretty rad looking 1959 Shasta Camper parked out front seemingly promoting some kind of business. This isn’t too out of the ordinary though, as they’re known to have vendors and businesses pop up at their space from time to time, but the closer I got the more I realized this was no regular Shasta we were dealing with.

The license plate read California, and in huge, bold letters along the sides and back of the camper were sayings like “#wearsustainable” and “Save The Planet. Go Nude.” There were also small racks of men’s and women’s clothing setup outside, as well as life-sized decals plastered on the windows of the camper and doors of the truck showcasing a buck naked (and rather hairy) male figure.

I was intrigued, and decided to take a peek inside to see what more this sustainability Shasta had to offer. It was then that I was greeted by none other than Drew Brooker – a sales associate for Toad & Co. Clothing, and the apparent model for the aforementioned window decals.

We ended up hanging out for the next 30 minutes talking about Toad & Co., sustainable practices in the outdoor industry, Toad’s new 100% ECO friendly line of clothing, and the epic road trip he was on with Buffy, the Shasta camper, to promote it all.

And figuring he could probably use some company after traveling over 2,400 miles solo on the road, we even grabbed dinner with some friends later on in the week and recorded this quick podcast about Toad & Co. before he had to hit the road again to keep the Save the Planet Tour going.

So give it a listen and feel free to use the outline below for locating some of the key points we touched on in the conversation. You can also take a look at their Upcoming Tour Events & Schedule.

3:00 – Who is Toad & Co.?

4:30 – Rebranded from Horney Toad

5:25 – Planet Access Company & Providing Jobs for Adults with Disabilities

6:45 –  A Weird Blend of Culture

9:25 – The New 100% Eco Friendly Line

10:50 – The Save the Plant Tour

11:55 – Stoked on the Nude Message!

13:30 – Educating People About Sustainable Clothing

15:00 – Hemp Yeah!

16:20 – The Supply Chain

18:00 – Hitting the Road with Dr. Drew the Customer Service Doctor

21:40 – Pushing the ECO Envelope

23:25 – The Ethos of the Brand & Practicing What You Preach


Show Notes:
Guest – Drew Brooker
Host – Jeremy Elrod
Music / Audio Production – Nic Lauretano
Editing – Jeremy Elrod / Nic Lauretano
Location – Buffy the Shasta