The Ultimate Roommate Deal!

I’ve been looking for a new roommate to occupy the house I’m currently renting. One of my roommates is moving out April 1st. So, as I’ve done in the past, I’ve looked to Craigslist…posting an ad for a roommate. It’s worked well in the past. But, as everyone should be aware of now, Craiglist is a breeding ground for attempted scam attempts. It still blows my mind that the method they use to try and scam people … the long, convoluted road to separating you from your hard-earned money … works on anyone.

So, in this roommate search, one “lovely” French girl contacted me about the room. After a couple emails, it became apparent this was a scam. In high-fashion, I went along with it due to curiosity and educational purposes. Below is a transcript of the ridiculous emails between myself and the scam artist. A thing of beauty:


Thanks so much for replying my email,I really do appreciate it,. I would have loved us to see before making any plan but i really have alot of things to do right now,But will be okay if you can tell me more about the place and yourself.

More about me again i am a nurse,26 years old..I am the neat type,I like honest,responsible,trustworthy and hardworking people while I dislike lazy,messy,uncaring people and I love pets so much,am quiet and easy going person to live with. I’m 5″7′ straight. i like tourising and,i don’t keep late nights neither will i have overnight guest around, but i am okay if you do,I was born and bread in france as there was where i had my university education and stays with my uncle there!!I speaks French and English, so you have the chance to learn french

I lived almost all my life way in paris before coming down to SD,I am presently in south dakota now (really i know that most renter will love to meet the person renting to before move in)i cant judge myself but i am a Godfearing and straight forward person that respect you and your privacy, I was in my final year when my mum died,i lost my dad before i was born,I grew up with my uncle after my mum died…she was a nurse before she died,so i knew much about nursing before she died,I served in the Paris Red Cross for 8 months,we have involved in projects that includes orphans,orphanages,heart related diseases in chilfdren betweeen the ages of 4-10yrs,and we were also in alabama when they had the attack of hurricane katrina

Ambition and Work:

I was looking to move over to your state, because i understand that i’ll be doing good overthere as i ve been told by my uncle’s friend who ones live overthere..And i will be working with any hospital around as i am also making enquires on that now…

Am sure You ‘ll really like the person that i am ,because i will also do the dishing if you like,I work when i am to and relax when i am to,I also like sharing my thoughts also….paying rent on time will not be a problem as i will also be making the rent fee before the month ends….
Right now.I ve the support of my uncle about my well being,so you shouldn’t be bothered about if i am competent of paying the rent

I must confess am comfortable with the price and I will want to secure the place down before my arrival so i will want you to tell me all about the place,as i can’t see it before my arrival but if I can get a pic pr a good description will do,i dont realy have much preference so it wont be a problem…I also will want you to know that i have my car that i will be coming over with,and little of my furnitures,please let me know if there will be room for them,if there stuffs in the room I’d like you to remove them so I can bring my own.

With all that i ve said above,I have told you more about me and a picture of mine will be attach in the next email,Let me also know how i can go about securing the place down before my arrival as i will also be busy from next week preparing to come over and let me know if you can take off the ad off the site as i am going to secure the place with a deposit

Feel free to ask me any question and as i ve said,i am looking to move in asap,but want to secured it now


All that sounds good Jeni. Thanks for the info, and I think you’ll love Charleston.
I’m from Washington, DC. I went to school in Virginia. I moved down here to Charleston about 10 years ago. I run a marketing company with a few other partners and 9 employees.
You can see my company here: http://www.blueion.com and probably find my pict if you look around a bit…

I’ve been to South Dakota with a girlfriend a long time ago, funny as that may seem. Rapid City, Souix Falls, Mt Rushmore, Mt Crazy Horse, the Badlands, the Corn Palace!, Black Hills, etc etc. It was a fun and random trip up North.
I’ve also traveled around France a while back. Thru the French Riviera, but was in Paris for a bit longer.

There’s room for some of your furniture. Will you be bringing a bed, or do you need to get one when you get down here?
The house is 2 story, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. My roommate lives in the small room downstairs with his own bathroom. The upstairs rooms are nicer/bigger. He’s a bartender, so he works late and comes home late, sleeps late thru the morning. I work a lot, get up relatively early, come home 6-8pm each night, stay up till about midnight. Like watching hockey and movies. I have a girlfriend, and lots of friends, but usually keep to myself at the house, and might go out on weekends for a couple drinks.

Let me know anything else or questions you have. If you’d like, send a pict so I feel like I know more about you. Hopefully you found me on our website above, or I can send a pict.

I’m waiting to hear back from a friend of ours that had expressed interest, but I will let you know soon for sure, as I need to make sure we have someone take the room. Sounds like you would be nice to have around.


Hi again ,

Thanks once again for the quick reply,I would have loved to call You but am leaving now to see my sick uncle ,i can only communicate through email but I will, whenever i get there but before that i will want to secure the place,I am very happy meeting a person like you,It ‘s nice reading from you again and i will never ever want to loose the room even without seeing the place ,i smell the kind of person whom you are and i like you,I will want You to know that i am okay with the cost ,if none is included again…..

I got to believe that the person that one wants to live with matters most,i believe that you’ll be a nice person,I just have my dressers,computer table,kitchen utensils and a queen size bed,2 big luggages and my car to be shipped….

I got a message that my uncle is sick in france and i have to go see him but i am making plans to secure place so that when i come back i’ll just move in into the place we are talking about. and with the way we ve communicated,I am okay with you and i want you to know that i don’t want to make any travel plans without securing a place down now,I will be signing a year lease for the start if you are okay with that,so i ve let my uncle understand more about you and the place,He is really comfortable and he told me that it is a nice area he had lived in the states before and he said that i should not afford to loose your place also he said that i should try and make sure that i hold down the place,so i thought of it and i will be making payment to hold down the place and the mode of payment will be the Most acceptable,easier,safer and reliable means of payment which is United States money order so pls let me know if this mode of payment is ok by you.

And if YES pls provide me with the following information to get the payment to you.Your full name as it will appear on the payment,your work place address to ensure delivery in your hands through regular mails or a courier service,your phone number on the package to avoid package missing in transit.I will prefer to send to your work address because you will always be available at work from morning till evening but if home address it will be sitting in your mail and no one will be at home to receive the package.And if you don’t receive package at your office address then I guess your home address will be good for the delivery right ? But to avoid any delay of you receiving at home then I guess any address will be fine as long as you will be able to receive it.

Kindly get back to me with this requested address contact information so that we can proceed asap bye for now.. I guess i’ll feel more comfortable paying ahead now,I just dont want to loose the place.

Feel free to ask me any question(s) you have okay


My name is Jeni Walcot, i am a pediatric nurse and a make up artist as part time,i was opportuned to see and i read through your posting on craigslist.com concerning the advert you posted, i am expressing my sheer interest in taking up the room, what are the modalities in taking up the place, please have the requirements sent in these form

*Total rent Required before moving in
* Utility Bills

I will be anxiously waiting for your email ,I want you to know that i really need the room now and i am the serious type paying rent ,when emailing me please tell me more about the place and more pics if you have…I am open to any type of lease..

Kind Regards



I’m sorry to hear you’re Uncle is sick. Is it anything to be concerned about? I hope it’s nothing serious.
I’m sure you can have the room, as I don’t think our other friend is moving in. If you’d like to send payment, you can send to our house. If I’m not there, my roommate will be around. Usually when I’m at work, he’s home, and the other way around.

You can make the payment out to my roommate, as he pays the rent check to our landlord. His full name is: Millhouse Van Houten (he goes by “Millo”).
Home address is: 78 Nassau Street, Charleston, SC 29403

I like the picture of you. Do you have any more you can send? I’m sending a picture of me and my roommate (attached). As you can see, we’re nice guys. We’ll help you get adjusted to Charleston and meet people.
When do you think you plan to move down here? I know you have to go home to France, but will you be here on April 1st?

Just let me know.


Hi Jeni,

Basically 1st month rent is due on move in.
Utilities are generally around $115-$150/month depending on gas/electric use due to the seasons.

I have a couple others interested, including a friend that has said they might be take it. Where are you currently living? Can you provide more info about yourself?
We can chat on the phone and see if there’s a good time to show the room in the next day or so.

Let me know.

Hi ,

I am very happy for the concern,and i want to thank you for giving me the chance,I really appreciate it. I want to let You know that i’ll make it up to You and but will be mailing the payment out asap ,and it will get to you soon as possible

I dont have any problem with job as i ve said in previous emails,and my estimated move will be determined by you,but can be change if it is not okay by you.

I want you to know that my furnitures and my car will be delievered before my arrival,please do let me know if you can be there to help me recieve my furnitures and my car ,I won’t cause you any financial problem as i will be including the shipper’s fee in the payment that i’ll be sending …So you will be getting the shipper’s fee and the rent fee together ,You will just deduct your rent fee and keep the shipper’s fee till he comes to deliever my things
Hope you can understand me?

I really appreciate you for u’ve been so nice from the start and please kindly take off the ad off the site now..

And i want you to check the address and name again,and if there is a direct phone number…



Hi Jeni,

I can handle any of your furniture coming to the house.
The address is correct. You can put our contact phone number as: 843.723.3211
Give me a call if you need anything.

I’m sure you’re taking the room, but if you could send payment so I get it by Monday, I can be sure we have a new roommate.


**EDITORS NOTE: The number is to Wild Wild Joker

HI there,
How are you doing?. I am sorry I have not mailed you in a

while now,its because my uncles health as been very critical in these

past days(i hope you’ll understand) as he realy needs me now.I have

contacted the courier service and they’ve mad arrangements to make

the package arrive by weekend.

Thanks for your patience


No problem. I very much hope your Uncle will get better soon.
I will be looking for the package. I assume it’s the check for rent? Not your furniture?
Do you know when your furniture will be arriving? And do you have a contact phone number for the shipping company? I can check up on it and find out when it’s coming.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you here in Charleston!


Hello roomie,

How are you doing this day?guess you are fine?I just want you to know that things are going on fine here and i have make every other plans towards my transition,I want you to know the the payment had been make out to you,I will also email you with details on that later today,so you can also have the tracking number and monitor it…

please do take me as a little sister please,cause it will be myself only overthere..I also hope that the ad had been taken down/deleted from the site.i will never want to be dissapointed in all my effort..Hope you are doing fine again?please feel free to share ideas with me,you are welcome anytime.. and pls do let me know if the 5th of april is okay for me to arrive?if it is not,i can choose another date..

I will be waiting to read from you..

Thanks again


All that is good to hear. Can you let me know what delivery company is delivering the package? FedEx, UPS, DHL? And when will be it be here? I thought it would be arriving already. I just want to make sure that it makes it here, and that it’s secured with a check payment.

We’ll definitely take care of you, and help you out when you’re here.


Hello ,

How are you doing today?Hope you are doing fine?I want you to know that getting up through trying times is a hard one,but i give the good lord all the glory and for letting me met someone like you.

I have everything set up now for my arrival and i spoke with ups and i was told that the payment will be delievered on monday..

Please i dont want you to get mad at me for the delay caused by me and miscommunications i ve been sick alittle, and let me know if i’ll be needing anything else for the place,please also keep the money safe by depositing it, and when you get it today and email me after depositing,please do email me so that i can move on with the shipping plans….Also,i will want you to please get back to me with the closest airport around you,here is the tracking number- a3791936485

Thanks once again for your concern and understanding.
Your Roomie

**EDITORS NOTE: There WAS a package that supposedly was sent, which is usually a counterfeit check that you deposit, and by the time the bank catches it, they have scammed you out of money sent back to them


I got your check today, and cashed it right away. Thanks for sending it. When should I expect you to make it to Charleston?

Dear ,

How are you today?i am so happy for you being there for me,I really appreciate your care and concern,am happy to hear that you’ve recieved the payment,afterall you will now believe that i did try all these days,i am really happy,let me know if you are too?

I always want to be your roommate ,I talked to my shipping agent and i was told that they will have to get their service fee before delivering stuffs and luggages into my future home which is your place.Cause there payment policy had been changed.And they also assure me immediately after they receive their service fee the shipping logistics will take effect..

Right now i will implore you to please go and deposite the payment at your bank and take out your rent and the rem payment of the money so that you can send it to my shipping company via westernunion money transfer and they can ship my things to my room before my arrival date

Please i will be so glad if you can do this for me, kindly get back to me so that i will get back to you with the westernunion transfer information you will be sending the money to via westernunion money transfer i.e(Name and there address ).as i believe that it is the safest and fastest way of sending money,Because if i can’t get the $ to the shipper,I might loose all i ve worked for about the shipping and they’ll ask me to pay more,Please kindly understand this

I believe that you really understand how hard it has been for me getting the payment to you and know that i do,I am about to loose money if i can’t get the $ to the shipper today,because i ve paid the security fee on my shipments and they told me that they should have the money asap as they ve waited so long for me as you ve did too

Kindest regards

Your roomie

Why can’t you send them the money?

IM sorry I never knew they were going to ask for it before they deliver it,the plan was payment on delivery.Id appreciate it if you could pls help me with it so they can deliver it this week and all will be well.


What needs to happen?


The shipper’s info needed at the westernunion location is below


Sounds like a deal. I’ll send $5000 to cover all the costs to make sure.

**EDITORS NOTE: This was the point where I was tired of this game and this is where it ended… hopefully with them thinking I was stupid enough to send EVEN MORE money than they asked for.

Summary: Be careful… but if you fall for things like this… you are truly stupid, and furthers my argument that people need to pass a “drivers ed” type test to be able to use a computer.