The Last Hurrah

And so it ends…. here were are.. the end of days for the beard. Hello summer sun on my clean shaven face.

Since there’s only a few more things that could have been done, I finished by trimming down to the Mario, and as seen in the following shots, I could’ve scored any chic had I existed back in the 70’s.

70s style

Smooth Operator - Look out


Of course, there’s still a few others to complete before it’s off completely shaved off this week. There’s no real sense in updating the Shave-O-Matic with what’s left of my mustache, so we’ll just end it here.

Except for…. One Last Suprise!

Thanks to everyone that played with my beard. Hope you had fun. Be sure to check the gallery, as we’ll update it with ALL the shaves from the beginning to the present.