The Folly Edge: Taking The Pulse of The Local Scene


Earlier this year we were approached by Laurie Bruton – a transplant to Folly Beach, writer, and world-traveler.

Bemoaning the lack of local editorial coverage for an area with so much life, she wanted to launch a vehicle that could capture the heart and soul of the special place that is Folly.

Working with Laurie, we took her inspiration, mixed it with some retro surf-beach vibes, and recently launched her editorial and lifestyle “platform:” The Folly Edge.

The Folly Edge is two things: a site/blog/publishing vehicle that will capture the soul of the area in imagery and written word. It’s also Laurie herself – part cheerleader for the area, part brand ambassador, and part journalist trying to describe the lifestyle and people that drew her back for multiple vacations and now, finally, a permanent home.

So make sure to check out FollyEdge.com – then add the RSS Feed or subscribe via email to keep up with the latest.

On your next visit to Folly, you’ll be sure to find Laurie frequenting everything from hole-in-the-wall hangouts to chic beach retreats – chatting with locals and visitors about what it is that makes this place unique.

Here’s a look at some inspiration we drew on for the logo/identity work.

Picture 3