The Finished Product

One of my favorite things about life is just the general spontaneity of it all and how certain things cross your path.

There was this longboard skateboard sitting on my front porch, and I gave someone the benefit of the doubt to stake its claim. After a few months of thinking someone would grab it, I decided that it was time give it a facelift and make it my own. I’d been longing to find a project that warranted a reclaim and allowed me to create and craft something of my own. I bought an orbital sander and began removing the original graphic. After a couple hours of sanding, two base coats of primer, about 5 other various coats of color and three weeks time, the finished product turned out exactly how I envisioned it with a few last-minute modifications to the design. Shout out to our designer Tyler Pate for helping put down the design in my head on paper & for helping throughout the painting process as well.



Sometimes we get pulled away from the simple things in life, and it’s a great feeling to dive back into these types of projects. I find that when I’m looking to buy something, many times I don’t pull the trigger due to the overall design or colors. The idea of recycling “old” items and making them your own are just some of the main reasons I enjoy reclaiming/repurposing things. The satisfaction of seeing the finished product after putting so many hours into it (doing it the right way) is a great feeling and will be something I will continue to seek out with these types of projects.