The Best LinkedIn Pages & What We Can Learn From Them

The following sentence is not a joke. LinkedIn can actually be an interesting and engaging place where you can build and cultivate a captivated community for your company. I know. Before recently I wouldn’t have never subscribed to that statement.  But before you dismiss LinkedIn’s potential to be–dare I say it, fun–scroll with me for a few and I promise these LinkedIn pages will change your mind.

LinkedIn really can be a great platform to get your company out there and engage with customers. Here are a few of the companies that have really tapped in to this potential and what we can learn from the best LinkedIn pages out there today.



Wearing a green apron is even cooler than you thought.

Starbucks LinkedIn Profile

Starbucks is a perfect example of how to best spill the beans–get it?–on what your company is all about. From the description, people who view the page are able to get a good sense of what the atmosphere of the restaurants are like and what it’s like to don the sacred green apron.




Elevator speech masters.

Evernote LinkedIn Profile

Evernote‘s company description does one really important thing well: gets to the point. Read those last two sentences. In 17 words they are able to sum up why do what they do and how they do it.



Warby Parker 

Hello big picture.

Warby Parker LinkedIn Profile

Warby Parker does an excellent job of going big picture in their company description. Sure, at the end of the day, they are a company that makes nice glasses in hopes to turn a profit–but that’s not all folks. They also aim to make a real positive impact on the world and have made a pretty big commitment to doing just that. At Blue Ion, we encourage companies to uncover these special things that make them unique and invite people to see them. LinkedIn is great platform where you can do this.




So much more exciting than delivering packages.

UPS LinkedIn Profile

Similar to Warby Parker, UPS is a very philanthropic company that does a whole lot more that deliver packages.  They back a lot of charities they believe in, ones you wouldn’t expect. Telling people about these involvements is a great example of a good company update to share on LinkedIn. One that’s a little more interesting than “Guess how many packages we delivered today.”




There’s a theme here. Companies should be about more than what they produce or the service they provide.

FedEx LinkedIn Profile

In that same vein, Fedex apparently goes beyond the line of duty of ringing doorbells and putting packages on people’s porches. And they also do a great job of sharing these special stories. I mean, this is almost as good as the “Cast Away” ending.




Humble bragging. It’s ok sometimes.

Facebook LinkedIn Profile 1

Facebook LinkedIn Profile 2

Facebook spotlights their employees really well. They share what their employees are involved in in both their professional and home lives and what makes them awesome. Companies are built by the people that work there, it only makes sense to brag a little about your peeps.




Welcome to the internet. We like pictures here.

GE LinkedIn Profile

You’ve heard it before. A picture is worth a thousand words. That age old saying holds true on LinkedIn. GE does a great job of posting eye-catching, high-quality images along with their posts. I personally have not seen a train photo look that exciting since Thomas The Tank Engine was in his prime.



Tesla Motors 

If you’re lucky your customers will do the advertising legwork for you. Use it!

Tesla Motors LinkedIn Profile

In our consumer society, we know customers should come first. It’s like the first rule in any type of customer service industry. Tesla‘s LinkedIn profile is really unique because they have shifted the spotlight form themselves to their customers by sharing real customer photos and quotes. This says a lot about where their priorities lie and their updates provide a nice break away from the usual run-of-the-mill corporate posts your LinkedIn feed probably contains.