Thanks, Cheers & New Years

Not sure how it happened, but a new year is upon us. Fear not, what follows is not a list of resolutions. However, to those of you getting back into the gym or yoga studio; getting off carbs and starchy bits; starting Paleo; stopping smoking; removing “totes” from your vocabulary; or otherwise dedicating yourself to a healthier, more mindful lifestyle, we say, “Go for it!”

Also, it sounds exhausting.

But hey, we believe in you.

As 2013 drifts away into the ether of years gone by, we wanted to give a huge thank you to our clients, partners, and friends who helped make the past year so excellent.

Like playing host to talented gentlemen:

And launching websites for The Class of 2013:

  1. Kettle Cuisine
  2. Russell Lands
  3. College of Charleston MBA
  4. La Mundial
  5. Natural Assets
  6. Riviera at Seaside
  7. Palmetto Brewery
  8. Tito’s: Vodka for Dog People
  9. Homestead Preserve
  10. Homegrown Hospitality Group
  11. 1858 prize
  12. Gibbes People’s Choice
  13. William Means mobile

Cheers to you all. May your website be visited often, your content be relevant and compelling, your design be user-centered and bad ass, and your programming be performant.Thanks for sharing your energy with us.