[ TC ] The Multi-Generation BIFC

Ok, so it’s been forever (seriously like half a year) since the last Theodore’s Corner post. I’ve had a lot going on. I apologize. So vacation from “the Corner” is over. I’ll be rattling off several TC posts in the coming weeks that have been stewing. For this post…. Football! Errrr, I mean, Soccer!

Here at Blue Ion, as you know, we love us some soccer. Although Comcast lied to me when I called to get the Fox Sports Soccer Channel added to our service so we could start watching Champions League (go Man U!), we’ve been able to catch some of the games in nearby lunch-time establishments.

Along with our various BIFC teams that Casey, Chris, and I play for, we have decided to be a SPONSOR for an Under 8 Boys team in the Charleston Soccer League! We’re excited to help these kids go out to start playing soccer at such a young age, and hope they have as much fun growing up with it as we have. The team sent us some pictures from a recent practice, and we hope to see them dominating other teams in their league real soon. They settled on a name for the team: Blue Ion Fire Eagles … cuz what’s more fierce than an Eagle? Except maybe one that is on fire, or breathes fire, or something.

Meanwhile, we’ve been continuing our winning tradition by pulling off several more victories in various leagues. BIFC has won the following in the past 6 months:

  • Charleston Soccer League – Men’s Premier Division – 1st Place Regular Season – Fall 2010

  • Mt Pleasant Soccer League – CoEd Premier Division – Champions – Fall 2010

<no trophy cuz they’re pretty lame>

  • Arena City Soccer Indoor – Men’s Premier Division – Champions – Winter 2010-2011

  • And…we’re currently in a race for 1st place in our Men’s Premier Spring league, and looking to take it all the way to the finals (played at Blackbaud Stadium). Stay tuned!