[ TC ] Shaken, not Stirred – The Art of Mixology

A real quick precursor to the weekend…

Have you been itching to meet Theodore in person? Relax and have a drink with him?
Well, then come on up to the Upper Deck, his favorite local dive bar. Cuz THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 14th, THEODORE WILL BE GUEST BARTENDING HAPPY HOUR 4-8pm.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be up there, mixing it up with my buddy, Dwayne who tends there regularly. What’s that you say? You say, “I never knew Theodore was a mixologist.” Well, the truth is, I’m not. Which makes it all the more interesting. I’ll make some fancy drinks, take some shots, and provide entertainment thru some friendly bar banter.

If you’ve never been to the Upper Deck, you’re in for a treat. At 353 King Street, above Gilroy’s Pizza, it boasts the best drink prices in town (getting even further DIRT cheap during Happy Hours). Divey and seedy, Upper Deck will likely leave you with a warm, and fuzzy feeling inside. Actually, I can guarantee that.

Maybe you’ll see ALL your friends from Blue Ion… sipping on some fresh Red Sangria and Mojitos…. two specialities on hand for this special day.

Just because it's the day after Friday the 13th, there's no reason to be afraid.