[ TC ] Problem Solving with Theodore

Many of you know, Theodore is extremely resourceful. And it’s no secret, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”[1]. So, when yours truly was caught in a tight spot during this weekend’s move to the new offices at 301 King, my problem solving instinct kicked in immediately. Lemme explain…

First of all, yes we are finally in the process of moving our office from the temporary[2] Morrison Drive office location to our new home at 301B King Street. I won’t go bother elaborating on this now, as others at Blue Ion will most certainly broadcast this ad nauseum over the coming days/weeks.

While at Morrison Drive today cleaning up, organizing some unneeded items that will soon be for sale[3], and purging the rest, I came across some semi-sensitive papers that could now be trashed. Obviously, I am very aware of the need to properly dispose of sensitive material, generally thru the use of a paper shredder.

not tonight darling, i'm knitting [4]

The thing is, the cheap paper shredder we’ve had for 6+ years, has been on it’s last legs for several years now. Jammed up shreds of paper[5] often cause problems, and although it continued to work, it always took some prodding.

Well, there I was, starting to shred approximately 100 papers (3-6 fed at a time), when it started getting paper further jammed, and the motor sounding (smelling?) like it was potentially burning out. Finally, with still half the stack to go, it decided to stop working. For good.

Quick on my feet, I go to work on an alternate plan to securely dispose of the final documents. Here’s my method:

Step 1: Toss the old Paper Shredder in the garbage. She will no longer be needed.

Paper Shredder Dead

Step 2: Put papers into sink and fill sink with hot water.

Papers in Sink

Steps 3-6: Add liquid soap. Let Soak. Ball it up. Throw the unrecognizable mush in the normal garbage.

mound of papers

Another problem solved by Theodore.


[1] I actually said this phrase out loud, to myself, in the completely empty office.
[2] Not sure if a year at Morrison can still be considered temporary.
[3] Yes, we have lots of decent to great stuff to be sold on a quick and dirty online store coming soon!
[4] Photo Filler – I’ve been told that too much text up front of a post, without photos, can potentially turn the reader off.
[5] Likely due to me shoving 10-15 papers at a time, when the manual clearly states only 4 at a time is recommended.