[ TC ] Just call me Dr. Theodore, M.D.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the internet.

Back in June 2007, I had an unfortunate run-in with a goalkeeper in indoor soccer. Coming across the box to receive a pass, the goalie dove to punch the ball out, and in the process, dove into my left knee. Hearing the pop, and going to the hospital, I learned of double-trouble: torn ACL and MCL.

I went under the knife a month later, rehabbed it for over a year, and got back out playing soccer. However, the interesting by-product of all this was, I decided to ask my doctor for video shortly after the surgery.
And… he gave it to me.
And… I posted it to YouTube.

Since posting it, it’s received a surprising number of views: (137,800 and counting), and comments (112). It’s probably the closest I’ll come to being an “Internet Sensation.”

However, while living in the limelight, the comments have gone from basic questions to absurd. The belief I’m some sort of expert on the matter, and being asked medical advice… I’ve gone ahead and doled it out.

Some excerpts:

I don’t know if you can help me here but here it goes. For the past month my knee has been swelling up really bad right below my knee cap and it has been grinding really bad. What is your opinion on this?

how much does a nee arthroscopy cost? i need to have one done, but here in mexico, the social health service is so unsafety and takes a lot of time of documentation and stuff, about 3 months :S

it would be good 2 save thta fluid up and drink it i a glass

would u recommend surgery for ACL?? not torn, just really stretched out, had therapy, waited, still no good…wat do u say??

DO they know what they are doing? It looks like expiremental.

That’s an enormous Adam’s apple you’ve got!!!

Oh wait! That last one is a comment from “throatman” on another video of mine on YouTube. Anyhoo… as always, Theodore is here for you. You need medical advice? Just ask. The Doctor is IN!

Dr. Theopolis (around neck of Twiki) - not to be confused with Dr. Theodore.