[ TC ] Inappros and Apropos Vol. 2

In this edition of Theodore’s Corner of Inappros and Apropos, I’d like to focus on a few things I’ve run across recently cruising in the 1990 Toyota Camry. Most specifically, how the Camry handles parking in the garage.

But before we dive in, I have to get this out of the way:
Theodore’s Corner MAY be taking a short hiatus while I take a vacation to Spain the next couple of weeks.
I’m sorry, it’s true. But as you can imagine, TC blog posting stresses me out beyond belief, and I need to decompress a bit. IF I have the opportunity and the mood strikes me, you may see a TC post from the land of Sangria. We’ll see.

Now then… without much discussion, here’s the latest Inappros and Apropos, with this short setup:

My 1990 Camry was handed down from my parents years ago, when I determined I needed SOME basic transportation. Although it’s incredibly reliable, as you can imagine, scratches, dings, and minor aesthetics don’t matter much to me. It leaves me stress free when I park in the garage.

Meanwhile, some people feel they don’t have to concern themselves with parking within the lines. Essentially wasting limited spaces for others to park, and ASSUMING no one will park next to them. Well, I like to teach the lesson that, if you park like that, you MAY have a dinged up old car uncomfortably close to you.

Disclaimer: No cars were scratched or hurt in these situations. I slinked out my car door without damaging any of them.

And completely off the subject, I’d like to leave you with this one.
Driving down Sam Rittenburg, I spot hair laying in the middle of the highway:

Adios a todos!