Taglines Losing Their Strength?

Nice article in last week’s Brandweek on the decreasing use and effectiveness of taglines in marketing today. They note that during the current holiday ad onslaught many big brands like Starbucks, Samsung, Converse, etc. are either using their lines sparingly or not at all. As for reasons, Brandweek points to short tenures of CMOs (and thus ad campaigns), splintered customer demographics, the proliferation of media channels and an increasing focus on lifestyle over unique selling propositions.

All good points..and in general they have become less important (and less effective) as tactical tools. You can also make a case that it’s just an issue of too many watered-down, boring campaigns flailing around out there. A really sharp idea and line might still move someone. But the key point is that today it’s all about doing things (experiences delivered through products, services, events, retail, web, etc.)….not saying things. And the true power is in the idea behind the brand rather than any tagline in front of it. Unless, of course, you have the guts to roll with something like “Blue Ion. Tomorrow’s Technology Today.”