SXSW Starts

Greetings from Austin and the SXSW Internet conference…also known as SXSW Music’s nerdy brother/sister. It’s four days of chatter about all things digital – design, social networking, gaming, programming, Web 2.0, business, etc. Along with a good dose of nightly entertainment.

After an arduous trip thanks to American Airlines (we pulled an OJ through the Dallas airport) we arrived in time to catch a few panel sessions, including a solid presentation by Jason Fried from 37Signals. Some of the best points made during his “Ten Things We’ve Learned at 37Signals”…..

On the web there’s too much attention to pixels and too little to words.
Always err on the side of simple.
Long projects can be deadly for morale and motivation.
Be inspired by famous chefs…as they build by sharing all they know.
Interruption is the enemy of productivity…passive communication (in a work space) reduces interruption.
Morale feeds off of progress. Do lots of small things.