Street Viewing

On Tuesday Google rolled out the beta of their new mapping service…Street View….which offers 360-degree views of locations as seen from the street/ground. At this point the service only covers parts of five large metropolitan areas (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and New York). It’s sort of cool checking out street views on a block by block basis in NYC or San Fran…just by dragging the little humanoid icon from street to street. The images and scenes of daily life are often entertaining and sometimes a bit surprising. Just look at these two…



In fact, there has been much chatter and concern over the privacy implications of Street View. Some worry that it’s an intrusion into their daily lives. I’m sure these guys thought so.

However, it seems hard to get too worked up about a privacy invasion in this case…as it’s only showing street views that are seen by anyone driving down a public street. In fact, that’s how Street View gets its material. Images are captured by vehicles equipped with special cameras rolling down the streets. Apparently here’s what they look like so keep an eye out for their arrival in your hood.