Strawberry Shortcake’s Extreme Makeover

In a celebrity expose, the New York Times reports on Strawberry Shortcake’s continued makeover. The 1980s superstar was feeling a bit doughty in this 21st century…so she’s had work done and continues to adopt significant wardrobe and dietary changes. In recent years her eyes and cheekbones have been “enhanced,” bloomers were tossed out in favor of polka-dot capri pants, she’s wearing lipstick, and eating fresh fruit instead of all that candy. Apparently, American Greetings and her stylist team thought she was out of touch with today’s girls.

Celebrity makeovers are tricky, as the Times reports. In 1993 Mattel’s stylists tried to work with Ken but the resulting Earring Magic Ken….sporting blond highlights, a purple mesh t-shirt and leather vest, and the eponymous earring…..bombed with girls, boys and concerned parents alike.