Stranger Things party invite

Back in December we had our yearly Blue Ion Christmas party, which was over the top as always. But each year we reveal a new theme and with a new theme comes a new bad ass RSVP invite. So, this year, we landed on the theme of Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things. Just about everyone in the office has been raving over this show and all of its 80’s glory. Which made the party decor simple enough…80’s themed. But, not for the invite, it needed to be custom.

I teamed up with Ansley on the programming side in order to make things epic. We both wanted to go for an illustrated approach that spoofed the show but we felt like the user experience needed to be pushed in some way. We needed a WOW factor.  That’s when Ansley had the brilliant idea of recreating the Stranger Things intro completely in browser. Meaning that whole damn thing was in code….not a video program!

This left the other half of the project to me. Illustrating the final RSVP landing page. It took me a few sketches until I nailed down a general direction. The idea involved using key elements from the show but substituting any copy with our party info. Pretty simple but my challenge would be capturing the Stranger Things vibe while throwing in subtle elements only ST fans would pick up on. From start to finish it took roughly 8-10 hours to illustrate from sketch to save outs that I handed off to Ansley for programming. This was definitely one hell of an RSVP. Thanks again to Ansley fro the programming efforts and brainstorming!!

Here’s the final landing page below ↓