Spoleto 2019 Canvas Ads

For seventeen days and nights each Spring, Charleston is home to world-class music, dance, theater and opera during Spoleto. To drum up excitement for the 43rd season which is poised to be a high-flying, jam-packed season, we worked with our friends at Spoleto to create an interactive Facebook Canvas Ad that helps guide users to their ideal show. Essentially, it is designed to serve as a mobile concierge that is equipped to point you to your perfect performance based on real-time input in a matter of minutes.

Here’s what users who are served the ad will see initially see in their feed:

Spoleto Canvas Ad

Once they click through to the canvas, they’ll see that there are two choices presented to them. Those two button options will then send users to one of two additional canvases. Essentially a canvas within a canvas. You’ve now entered the canvas matrix.

Spoleto Facebook Canvas Ad

If you chose YES on the initial canvas, this is what your journey would look like (just imagine someone scrolling and swiping on their mobile phone):

And if you chose NO on the initial canvas, this is what your journey would look like:

The idea is that this interactive experience would help guide users to their ideal show (which can be a daunting task when faced with choosing between dozens of amazing performances!) By working with our friends at Spoleto we were able to put together a diverse lineup of shows so that there’s truly something for everyone spotlighted in the ad. By going one step further to break up that lineup into two groups (festival first-timers and previous attendees) we were able to offer users a highly-curated list once they landed on the second canvas. For those who still might be unsure, swiping up at the bottom of each canvas will land users on the schedule overview page.

Be sure to check out the current season and snag some tickets while you still can! Let us know in the comments which show you’re dying to see!