Soundcast: West Fork of the Pigeon River

This Soundcast was recorded on April 19th after fly fishing on the West Fork of the Pigeon River. It’s a spectacular area just down from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the river is usually a good bet for catching wild rainbows and brookies. But not today. Nada. Nothing. That’s just the way it goes some days, and in those moments it’s worth appreciating where you are and the beauty of wild around you. While heading back to the truck on a side trail, I stopped at a tiny trickle of a waterfall and did this short recording. That’s the Pigeon River in the background. If you’re stuck indoors doing the quarantine, maybe these sounds can take you a way for a moment. Enjoy and stay tuned for more SoundCasts. Or better yet, subscribe to The Way Out There podcast HERE.