SOPA & PIPA Shelved… for Now

Today the Internet is free and pure. I see it as a physical form of what Carl Jung called our collective unconscious. It is a completely collaborative, user-generated platform we have built to share ideas with one another. It continues to grow into an incredible hub of information passing. Our World Wide Web is responsible for humanity’s greatest accomplishment to date – it has brought the world’s culture, ideas, languages, music, foods, etc. to one central place to be shared and experienced by all.

The Internet has brought many improvements to our lives – but most importantly it provided access to neutral and objective news. With increased exposure, came choice. Now, you can read multiple perspectives of the same story and then weight each to to shape a well-rounded view on the issue. Gone can be the days of spoon fed fabricated stories from America’s corporate media. This global sharing platform has provided the public access to more honest, less bias information that is vital to our development as a global community. The Internet is our most crucial tool in building a united global economy.

The smallest restrictions/limitations of SOPA and PIPA type bills could turn our Internet into just another glorified television. For those unaware – the majority of television is owed by a few huge corporations, and is used as a tool to condition the way you think.

Fortunately, Congress heard our voices!  These bills will not be voted on tomorrow as they were suppose to be.  Please – continue to promote a free and pure Internet – for the People and by the People.