Social Media Marketing Links With Zemanta

Zemanta Firefox pluginImage by Tom Raftery via Flickr

A while back we wrote about Zemanta, which is a plugin that scours the Web for related posts and images based on what you start typing in WordPress or favorite blogging program.

This is our first test with it, and I can say that it’s pretty sweet. I started the title with “social media marketing” and typed a few more characters in the body, then hit the “update” button, and it presents you with this:

Even the screen shot is suggested, and I just click it an added it to the post. Sweet, huh?

The only downside is it needs about 300 characters to get more suggestions, and repeatedly hitting the “get more suggestions” doesn’t show more. I’m sure playing with some settings will help.

Now, here are some of the articles they “suggested.” I previewed them all and think they’re great.