Does it Smell Like Weed In Here?

With legalized recreational marijuana now in 9 states, and legalized medical cannabis in an additional 20 states it was about time Blue Ion launched our first cannabis website. Enter Colorado Product Services, part producer, part retailer, part distributor; they really cover all aspects of the industry. Our main goals were to make it easier for consumers to become familiar with their four product lines, find products near them at their local dispensary, and make it easier for dispensary partners to place orders with real time inventory forms.

The biggest effort went towards the Vendor Portal where we had to connect with CPS’s CRM to pull in real time data and allow dispensary partners to login through their recreational/medical license numbers.

Check out the video below for a little walk-through of the site and if you ever find yourself in Colorado check out the product finder tool to get your hands on some edibles, concentrates, or flowers from Colorado Product Services.


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