Sitelinks for AdWords – Testing

We were recently fortunate enough to test out the “Site links for AdWords program” with a couple of our clients. This is part of Google’s new search ad format initiative, where they’re “developing and testing a variety of new ad formats.”

You can read more about it via the AdWords blog, but here’s a quick screen grab to show what it looks like.


If your site has the organic sitelinks as well (like the above shows) you totally dominate the top of the search page.

Here’s what we did as part of the implementation for Folbot:

  • Added several links to their key product pages (up to four can potentially show)
  • Used the opportunity to control the call-to-action text to describe kayak features rather than just list the brand names. If you don’t know the difference how do you know which one to click?

There are many variables that Google considers when triggering these ads, so it won’t show up all the time. And it’s just a trial run to see how users (and advertisers) react. We’ll be monitoring click-through rates and other metrics to see how it works.

Thanks Google!

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