Signature Breads Site Launch

We had the pleasure of working with the awesome team over at Signature Breads on a new website. Signature Breads tasked SRG with updating their brand identity, which we then helped bring to life through the web.

Signature Breads is an independent, employee owned bakery specializing in par-baked breads for restaurants and supermarkets. They have been operating bakeries in Chelsea, Massachusetts and Tempe, Arizona for nearly 30 years and proudly serve customers in all 50 states.

The bulk of the site is their bread guide, which is 100+ breads, each with their own detail page consisting of nutritional facts, ingredients, allergens, baking instructions & more. The bread guide is broken into 13 categories for easy navigation. If you still can’t find what you are looking for you can use the keyword search tool. We built a custom backend application so that the Signature Breads team can add, remove and update breads on as needed basis.

Signature Breads Bread Guide

Bread Detail Page

Another nice tool that we developed is the Baking Instructions Tool. Many of Signature Breads clients need a quick and easy way to find the best and most efficient way to prepare the breads before serving to customers. The Baking Instruction Tool offers this type of convenience. You simply choose your bread, indicate whether it’s frozen or thawed, choose your oven type – convection vs conventional – and then you’re immediately presented with time & temp instructions.

Bread Baking Instructions Tool

There’s plenty of other great content on the site that you need to check out!