Setup GA Display Network Impression Reporting in 4 Steps

#ICYMI – Google Analytics is rolling out the ability to view AdWords Display Network Impression Reporting in the Multi-Channel Funnel Reports. I know this has been in discussion for awhile now, but I have yet to see the ability to actually setup within Analytics until now. This is the existing comment I discovered from Google while digging in:

“Contact your Google sales account manager or Analytics 360 account manager to request this feature activation. Please note that we cannot guarantee access, but we will do our best to provide this feature to as many users as possible.”

So far, I’ve had access across accounts without having to request it.

Below are the 4 easy steps to setup AdWords Display Network Impression Reporting in Google Analytics:

  1. Link your Google AdWords account and Google Analytics Account if not already.Link Google AdWords to Google Analytics
  2. Enable Remarketing & Advertising Reporting Features within Analytics. This can be found in the Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection section.
    Google Analytics Data Collection for Advertisers
  3. To finalize, navigate back to the Admin section of Google Analytics > AdWords Linking > Select Link Group > Edit ‘Link configuration’ > tick the check box for ‘Additional Data: Enable Google Display Network Impression Reporting.’
    Enable Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  4. It is also recommended that you update your privacy policy to include an appropriate description of your use of GDN impression data. More info can be found at Policy requirements for Google Analytics Advertising Features.

Happy analyzing!

Google Analytics Display Network Impression Reporting