Selfies before selfies were selfies

Late this month, my grandparents will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary and my Gram will turn 94 years old. As two very stoic Swedes, they have never been the most affectionate towards each other. In fact, they bicker and yell constantly. Additionally, it’s been something of a family joke that my grandmother has never worn, nor does she own, a bathing suit – even with a swimming pool in her backyard and the beach 30 minutes away from her house.

So, upon another recent visit to my homeland – I discovered an amazing album of my grandparents in their early 20’s, before their wedding – on first dates together, taking day trips to Boston, taking selfies (!!), and so obviously enthralled with each other. As an added bonus, there were photos of my Gram on a girls’ trip to Miami with her girlfriends – bathing suit and all.

When people you love get old, and creaky, and their spirit starts to dull – it’s wonderful to discover stuff like this to remember just how much life they’ve had in their many years.